Cuenod About Us

Tradition and innovation

Specialized for over a century in the design and production of burners, CUENOD has always maintained the fundamental values of its Swiss origins in terms of precision, quality and rigor.
Thanks to the combination of innovation willing and its own knowledge, CUENOD is today a leading company in the heating market.
Looking to the future, CUENOD designs and implements solutions with a high quality standard and actively participates in the comfort of today's life, anticipating tomorrow's needs.

Tailor-made solutions

CUENOD is able to design highly configurated products to meet the needs of specific applications, plants or specific fuels: CUENOD puts in function special executions for furnaces, incinerators, driers and any other type of light process. The R&D team also designs burners for special fuels, such as biogas, biodiesel and vegetable oils (considered "renewable energy").

Respect for the environment

CUENOD has continuously evolved its technologies to offer better performance, safety and comfort to its customers, while guaranteeing respect for the environment. The combustion technologies with which the CUENOD burners are fitted make it possible to comply with the most demanding requirements on polluting emissions, such us the ErP Directive: all the CUENOD burners up to 400 kW comply with the Directive and are able to reach low NOx emissions to satisfy even the most stringent European regulation.