1899: the Hermann CUENOD workshop was born in Geneva, Switzerland.
1920: CUENOD manufactures the first automatic burner with progressive regulation.
1928: Emil and Elsa Looser found E. Looser & Co. in Vilters (Elco Switzerland).
1946: CUENOD settles in France.
1952: the Klöckner company is founded in Reutlingen (Germany).
1973: Ecoflam is founded in Castelfranco Veneto (Italy).
1978: ELCO celebrates its 50th anniversary and is active in 40 countries.
: production of the millionth burner.
1985: CUENOD invents the AGP® System ("Air Gaz Proportionnel").
1996: design of the first burner with "cubic" architecture. 
2000: development of the MDE® System ("Mémorisation des Données d'Exploitation").
2001: CUENOD is integrated into Ariston Group.
2005: Extension of the industrial range up to 45 MW.
: Ecoflam enters Ariston Group.
2008: launch of the renewed NC Pro View range.
: Introduction of the NEXTRON and EK EVO ranges, with models from 2 to 13 MW.
2015: Acquisition of a new production site in France (SPM Innovation).
2017: Extension of the industrial range up to 80 MW.
2019: CUENOD celebrates its 120th anniversary.