The ideal reply for residential

             and commercial heating

Tradition and innovation

Specialized for over a century in the design and manufacture of heating burners, CUENOD has always kept the basic values ​​of its Swiss origins in terms of precision, quality and rigour. Thanks to the combination of innovation and knowledge, and the strong desire to develop a continuous focus on upgrading the production capacity, today CUENOD is a leader in the heating market. Looking ahead, CUENOD designs and implements solutions with high quality standards and actively participates in modern life comfort by anticipating the needs of tomorrow.

The environmental protection

For the environmental protection, CUENOD has constantly

evolved its Technologies to offer greater performance,

security and comfort to its customers, while ensuring

respect for the environment.


RHP System optimizes efficiency, IME and Low NOx Systems

minimizes the pollutant emissions, Variatron System provides

energy savings, these are just some of the answers of

CUENOD for a cleaner world.


Standard process solutions

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions

for any type of application.

Standard process solutions for bakeries and ovens which guarantee the highest yield to our customers.

A comprehensive range of services to suit

your specific requirements.



International service network

A worldwide network of distributors and partners.
Our products are backed up by a service network that sets standards in the field.
CUENOD combines an instinctively global perspective
with a genuinely multicultural approach.
Skilled and experienced experts are available in each Country where CUENOD is distributed.

Professional training

The "Burner Academy", a real school where the know-how of our highly qualified technicians is diffused to our partners, operators and engineers in the field.

We provide the opportunity for boiler room personnel, operators and engineers as well as their own service engineers to attend a series of training sessions carried out on our test bench.


Quality at high levels

We engineer solutions that offer quality, consistency and reliability. 

Our product certification ensures that our burners meet a wide range of stringent international and regional directives and regulations.

All our products are carefully tested by skilled personnel to ensure the highest quality standards.

We perform functional checks on all our burners.



Research & Development

Our R&D Laboratories are committed to develop innovative technological solutions allowing:

  • to optimize the running of the installations lowering the use of primary energy;
  • to ease professional’s work improving human machine interface and maintenance;
  • to preserve the environment lowering acoustic and exhaust gas emissions.


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